Once a website goes "live" or online, it will only be found or seen by those who know it's there or by chance. To make your site discoverable by someone searching on line we use SEO techniques to achieve that for you. SEO is a complex issue that demands constant input and time to gain results.

You only get one chance to make a good impression, so, your website needs to showcase your business, at its best. Should you have concerns about the resources needed to invest up-front, for a custom website, our Payment Options are the perfect answer.

Usually, with many web design companies, once your site is published online, they say goodbye. This can exposes you to the traps and pitfall of having a website that isn't achieving any results for you.

At WW4B our Total Webmaster Service include changing website content, browser and mobile compatibility testing, upgrading website software, security scans, backups, update plug-ins, repair broken links, SEO services, keywords, local search visibility, SSL encryption, update emails, write blogs and reviewing website statistics.

There is no contract with WW4B. As long as you continue to make payments we will look after everything.

We've made this easy. Your first step is to use our "Get Started" Form and provide us with some information about you and your project requirements. With that knowledge in hand, we will contact you to discuss your needs in detail and establish the best option for you. Once you authorise us to proceed and you set-up the payment schedule, we register your domain name, set-up your web hosting and prepare for the design phase.

Who Prepares The Content For The Site?
We can take care of everything for you. However, as it's your business, you have a better understanding of your resources so, please provide as much information as possible. You may have photos, movies, social media and documents that maybe helpful . We would format this content and incorporate into your website

How Do I Choose The Design Style?
We can take care of everything for you. However, if you wish to be involved a great way to start is using the colours on your stationery or logo. For ideas, surf the internet and find a website look that you like and provide us with links for the sites you like.

We can arrange that for you. However, we require you to complete the agreed  payments before we can transfer control of a website to you or a third party.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine's unpaid results. This is usually referred to as "natural", "organic" or "earned" results. Search engines crawl your site's information in order to rank your website.  This is vital to your internet online success.

A domain name is your own personal online address. Every website has a distinct domain name which differentiates it from other sites. It is good to have a domain name that either reflects, or closely reflects, your business name or type of business, as it will make it easier for people to remember.

A domain name can sometimes be confused with a Uniform Resource Locator (URL). A URL refers to the entire address including colons and slashes. Therefore, URL’s are used to identify different web pages within a site.

You will own the domain. We will register the domain in your name and address and it belongs to you.

You arrange a direct debit or provide us with your debit or credit card details.  Our invoice will outline our payment methods in detail.

Responsive design gives your website the flexibility to attractively display content regardless of device size. Responsive design is a technique in which the design literally responds to its environment. Website content is automatically adjusted for optimal viewing based on device size. The user will see a layout optimized for their screen. Additionally, Google increases your page ranking if your design is responsive.

Yes, using responsive website design we can optimized your website to display on all devices, no matter what the resolution is.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a protocol for enabling data encryption on the intranet and for helping web site users confirm the owner of the web site. SSL is most commonly used to protect communications between web browsers and servers. However it is increasingly used for server to server communications and for web-based applications. We include a SSL with our hosting.

Encryption is a mathematical process of coding and decoding information. The number of bits (40-bit, 56-bit, 128-bit, 256-bit) tells you the size of the key. Like a longer password, a larger key has more possible combinations. When an encrypted session is established, the encryption level is determined by the capability of the web browser, SSL certificate, web server, and client computer operating system.

The Domain Name System (DNS) is used to resolve human-readable hostnames into machine-readable IP addresses. DNS also provides other information about domain names, such as mail services.



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